Forgotten Futures

Forgotten Futures

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Brain Tingles / Body Soft

Brain Tingles/Body Soft is a mixed media exhibition by Courtney Askey and Nancy Dawkins commissioned for Forgotten Futures. The interdisciplinary exhibition explores self-care and ASMR (The Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). The exhibition will be the first collaboration between the two and follows on from Askey’s book and artwork ‘The internet gave me brain tingles’, and Dawkins’ poetry and writing on self-care for Kiloran Magazine.

Courtney Askey is an artist, curator, writer and musician based in Leicester. Her work investigates online phenomenon, technology as power, and constructed identity in relation to the habitation of digital spaces.

Nancy Dawkins is a Sheffield/Leicester based writer, musician and performer who is the founder of online poetry community, CREATION:Poetry. Dawkins’ work looks at the body/mind connection self-care through the lens of sickness.